Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cryptic City - part 2

"Italian artist Sergio Ponchione's series is becoming a cult hit in the U.S., and he returns with the eagerly-awaited Grotesque #3, containing the second half of the wildly surrealistic "Cryptic City" epic".

"In the second half of the two-part "Cryptic City" epic, Professor Hackensack continues his battle against the Wicked Barons alongside Inspector Doppiofaccio, the mysterious Lady Puzzle, and an unexpected ally from beyond the grave — with the enigmatic Mr. O'Blique on the sidelines. This amazingly inventive work of surreal fantasy from one of Italy's hottest new talents is proving to be a sleeper hit!"

In occasione dell'imminente San Diego Comicon anche quest'anno terza nuova uscita americana per Fantagraphics. Tre tavole visibili qui. Appuntamento al prossimo anno per il quarto e ultimo numero, qui e oltreoceano.

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thomas said...

superfico! :)