Monday, August 23, 2010

Recensioni e satanassi

Mentre sono andato qualche giorno al mare a svaporare la muffa accumulata al tavolo durante l'anno, un paio di buone segnalazioni di Grotesque 4 sono apparse on line ad opera di Chris Mautner:
"Grotesque #4 (of 4): Other series are wrapping up their finite runs, like this Sergio Ponchione suite of small character studies, mostly reprised from earlier issues, mostly concerning dissatisfaction over life’s elusive meanings – dynamic visuals both segregate Ponchione’s characters from one another (spatially, design-wise) and suggest a unity of anxiety across varied human experiences. Fun cartooning, at the very least"

e Joe McCulloch:
"I’ve been digging Fantagraphics’ Ignatz imprint for a while now, so I’m quite happy that Wednesday sees the release of four new books in that line. The two that are absolute must-buys for me (and hopefully for you two) would be the third issue of Zak Sally’s Sammy the Mouse and the fourth and final issue of Sergio Ponchione’s Grotesque... (which) is possibly the most unjustly ignored book in the Ignatz line, just as surreal as Sammy, but more cartoony and cerebral, though no less haunting or effective a work. Constantly adventurous in it’s layout and narrative, it one of those books that can be read multiple times and still make new discoveries"

Qui ancora tutto tace, al solito. Che debba emigrare?
Bof, intanto a rinfrancarmi ci pensa addirittura il mio ex boss Sergio Bonelli, che dalla posta di TuttoTex n.473 a sorpresa si diletta a lodare e sostenere il nano PUCK. Satanasso!

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